My Real Review of the Vibrating Cit Climaxer

By Ashley Campa
In Clit Vibrators
Jul 18th, 2013

My real review of  VIBRATING CLIT CLIMAXERvibrating-clit-climaxer

The vibrating clit climaxer is the typically traditional bullet vibrator with intense sexual advanced upgrades , that leaves a smile on your face. This vibrator comes with a removable soft pliable textured sleeve that transmits pleasurable vibrations through each edge and every tickler, while soft suction is applied between the labia to fully surround your clitoris for the ultimate lip biting climax. With increased blood flow, your pussy swells and makes nerves tingle with new-found sensitivity for a in-heighten climax. Weather your using this vibrator solo, or with a partner , you’ll love this pleasure seeker for how easily orgasms have become to achieve over and over again. If you’re seeking a more powerful vibration, you just have to remove the cup sleeve and turn the dial knob up for maximum vibrations. The vibrating clit climaxer also comes with a me-so-horny-cream. that stimulates your clitoris for a more intensified feel of all your pleasure sensations.


Things I liked about this Vibrating Clit Climaxer

  • That this vibrator is very powerful .
  • This climaxer vibe makes it is easier to have orgasms and always puts in the mood.
  • Its user-friendly and a super fun enjoyable toy.
  • That I’m able to use on my partner while giving oral and he loves it.
  • The stimulation gel it comes with makes my clitoris super sensitive to even the smallest touch. Amazing!
  • The price doesn’t break the bank.

What I didn’t like about the Vibrating Clit Climaxer

  • The suction could be a lot better.
  • Wish this vibrator was waterproof
  • Battery operated.

This product is for you if

  • If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced toy user, this is till a fun easy vibrator to use.
  • If you like to try new things. It’s completely up to the operator to decide on the level of intensity they want to experience.

This product is not for you if

  • If you’re seeking a high intensity pump that really plumbs out your pussy for a better increased blood flow, which is going to my next purchase .
  • If you are sensitive to vibrations.

Product description details Color: Purple Length: 2.0 inches Width: 1.0 inches Function: Remote control, clitoral simulator, multiple speeds, single vibration Brand: Pipedream Gender: Female Power Source: Batteries Batteries: 2 AA batteries sold separately

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